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Eschew the boundaries of day and night!
Join the fight for nocturnal rights!

That's right, Paul's Home Page is taking on a societal topic few have dared to breach - the plight of nocturnal people. How many of you have touble sleeping at night, only to be tired and listless during the day? How many of you work third shift for your place of employment, but are inconvenienced by services only offered during daytime hours? Why do we as society shun the nocturnal? We need to embrace those of us in society who operate on a night-based schedule. Instead, we are locked in a culture that restricts our schedules to the daytime hours. Are there any late-night dentist or doctor's offices? What about lawyers and city offices? Nope, all of these run on daytime hours. Such blatant favoritism is horribly overlooked by every corner of society, save for some large retail store chains. We need to raise nocturnal awareness in our culture. No longer must we be bound to the daytime hours like our ancestors. With today's technology, we are able to sleep and wake when we please! Business and industry can lead the way by offering true flexible working hours, even if it means evening hours. Service professions such as doctors, lawyers, and such can offer night hours for service. (Naturally this must in fairness be offered by professionals who are themselves nocturnal). With effort, we can put an end to this embarrassing situation of nocturnal discrimination.

This fight especially applies to the banking industry, which operates at times convenient to absolutely nobody.

Join the fight! Raise nocturnal awareness in your community!

256 days to the wedding, 9 days to closing

And that's that - the financing was just approved today! HOORAY!! :-) Now I am officially welcomed into a lifetime of debt! So, moving and packing will commence, possession date is November 5th, and life is good. Later, all!

259 days to the wedding, 12 days to closing

Look, the website works! So far, good feedback on the look. I wouldn't mind hearing some more from others, though! Just click on the email address below. As for now, I am going to start converting my other personal pages over to the new design.

No word yet on the financing, I am anxiously awaiting the call from the bank and realtor to see if the loan has been approved. Tetelestai applications have been mailed out, so if you were in the cast or signed up, look for them soon!

Hope everyone has a good Sweetest Day, the grand Hallmark Holiday! :-)

261 days to the wedding, 14 days to closing...

Well, here's a website redesign, otherwise known as "Fun With Table Structures!" I had been toying around with the idea for a new structure, but I hate frames. Multiple windows in a web browser get really annoying really fast. So, I am trying this. Hopefully it won't melt too many eyes in the process. So far, I have the main and update pages converted. We'll see how those go before I convert over the other pages.

Not a whole heck of a lot of news, otherwise. Work continues, and I am really trying (without much success) to get packing at the apartment. Kelly is doing well, and looking forward to starting work in November. The kids(cats) are pretty happy, and looking forward to having more play room soon!

- Paul

268 days to the wedding, about 22 days to closing...

The house That's right - I am buying a house!!!!!! WHEEE!!! It is a dandy little house in Garfield Heights. Here's the particlulars : 2-car garage, finished basement/rec room, forced air gas heat, A/C, air purifier, 3 bedrooms, 1.5 bathrooms, living room, family room with vaulted ceiling, wood paneling, and gas fireplace. I am applying for the loan today, and hopefully that will go through soon. Tentative possession date is for Friday, November 5th. If I can ever get a picture of the house off the web, I will put it up here for all to see. Anyhoo, if the updates between now and then are few and far between, that's why - I'll be busy packing for the move!

But maybe the cats will step back in and take over some of the responsibility for updating again... ;-)

- Paul

275 days and counting until the guy who feeds us is around more often...
Welcome to the George and Sleepyhead site! We're the cute cats you see in the pictures above. We live with the guy who used to run this site, but since he is gone a lot, we got bored. I mean sure, it's fun to chase after each other and see what new things we can get into around here, but even crawling through kitchen cupboards gets old after awhile. Sometimes, when that guy was here, he would be looking at this screen and typing stuff. It seemed really bright and shiny, and looked like fun! So, we taught ourselves HTML and here we are! I can imagine you are thinking, "These are cats! What are they doing breaking into a website?" Now come on, we can turn the other bright shiny screen in this place on and off with no trouble, why should this be any more difficult?

Well, this has been a good start, we'll see what else we can learn here. More updates later!

- George and Sleepyhead

287 days and counting - I think. (I can't count anymore...)
Ooooookay... Congrats to Bridgette and Shawn on a beautiful wedding! Even though the temperature was high, I think everyone involved had a great time. It was good to see so many people again, too! Got a lot of pictures, hopefully they will come out okay. Then I can try to post some of them on the site!

The wedding plans continue - Kelly and I are both doing really well. I am still amazed at how all of the things that we need to do are getting taken care of. I might be house-hunting soon, we'll have to see about that. Otherwise, I am working and trying to keep things together. I can honestly say that I cannot wait until our wedding and the years afterwards.

One last quickie - I updated the picture page to include thumbnails of the pictures. They are kinda hard to see, (I think), but if they aren't troublesome, I am going to keep up with that style. Later!

304 days and counting - now at 10 months!
Well, well, well, let's see what's been happening. Bridgette and Shawn have successfully moved into their new apartment in Ravenna, and are busy unpacking. Kelly and I survived the Engaged Encounter retreat weekend - it was good, but that was a lot of writing and talking. Whew! I am still being hounded by my allergies, hopefully the season will pass quickly. The wedding is coming up this Saturday - good luck again to Bridgette and Shawn! I can't wait, myself. Dad is coming in this Thursday, then Friday I get to take off work, pick up my tux, and help with any last-minute running around. Cool!

As for the pictures above, well, I have no good reason to include them save for the fact that I watch Monday Night Wrestling and these two are pretty darn funny! So there!

315 days until the wedding and counting - roughly 10 1/2 months to go...
Well, it's been awhile since an update, and with the next few weeks being what they are, I guess I'd better post now. Bridgette and Shawn are moving in to their apartment in Ravenna, that will happen Saturday. Next weekend, Kelly and I will be going to Engaged Encounter. Then Bridgette and Shawn's wedding is the following weekend. Whew!
Otherwise, there is not a whole heck of a lot going on. Kelly and I are both doing well and having fun, at least when we aren't coming down with colds! She was sick last weekend, and I think I am fighting off the same thing. A couple of good nights sleep seems to be doing the trick. I can't really think of anything else here, guess that's why there haven't been too many updates! At any rate, I am going to be trying to finish up a roll of film, so hopefully I will soon have pictures of the kids (my cats), George and Sleepyhead. Maybe I will actually get some work done on the webite(s)!

333 days until the wedding, 33 days until my sister, Bridgette, gets married to Shawn Kelly! *Ahem*, WOW!!! It was just really hitting me today in thinking about Kelly's and my wedding planning and how ours is in less than eleven months now. And here, my sister is getting married in a little over one month! Wow, again! The Year o' Weddings(TM) is gonna be kicking into high gear soon, what with Bridgette & Shawn in September, Linda & Jerry in October, Matt & Sarah in January, Wayne & Karen in April, and, of course, Kelly & me in July. Time to look into the Frequent Customer deals at tux shops!

My pal Adrian has updated his site somewhat with his adventures in wedding-land at his best friend James' wedding. He has some nice pics in the "Self" section. Methinks I'll have to do that as well, after all the events coming up this year!

I tried this before with DJ's and such, and got abslutely NO RESPONSE from anyone! Doesn't anyone read this page? Well, here's trying again : Kelly and I are looking for any deals on wedding invitations. If there's anyone out there with any deals to be had or locations with good prices/selection, please email me at the address at the bottom of the page. Thanks in advance for any replies!

346 days until the wedding!
Okay, Tetelestai dates are listed on the Tetelestai website, they are tentative, though.
As for me, life is going right along. Work, home, Kelly, everything is going good. The Tetelestai cast party was a blast, but it is sad to hear that Mary, our director, will not be returning next year. Can you believe the year is half over already? Where does the time go? Pretty soon it will be time for the Tribe to hit the post-season and for the Browns to return to action! Maybe then this awful heat will go away!

358 days until the wedding!
Go Mom!!! She just accepted a job offer this morning! Hooray!!!
Just received : the latest Guardian Angel Newsletter, it will be updated on the Tetelestai page later today or tomorrow. Important news is that there IS a cast party this summer, details to follow.

360 days until the wedding - Less than one year!
Hope everyone had a good Fourth of July weekend! My Mom, Grandma, Sister, soon-to-be brother-in-law, and I got together with the Presbys and had a great little cookout on Sunday. It is HOT here, the cats are trying to keep cool with the fans in the apartment.

368 days until the wedding!
Welcome back, Bridgette! My sister moved back this weekend, so I helped her put stuff in storage. Got to see my Dad, too! Saturday, I went family camping with the Presbys, and had a lot of fun floating down a river. Back to work!

374 days until the wedding!


to Pat and Kelly Gallagher on the birth of their daughter, Anne Nicole! All the best to you and your family, Pat!

About 375 days until the wedding! Well, on Sunday I was playing basketball with Adrian, and sprained my ankle while going after a loose ball. There was no break, but my ankle swelled up something fierce. So I am working at home right now with my foot propped up. Thankfully, it is getting better quickly.

Wow, it's been awhile since I've updated... let's see. Kelly and I are doing well, we've got most of the important wedding details planned out. Work has been going pretty well, still busy, but not boring. BIG congrats to Bridgette as she graduates from Northeastern University tomorrow! Happy Father's Day on Sunday as well to my Dad. Congrats also to Missy, Joe, J.R., and Gayle on their graduation from High School - way to go! And finally, if he sees this, it was good to see you again, Kevin - keep in touch!

Well, things are progressing nicely with the wedding plans - we have pretty much decided on a photographer and are really close on a DJ. Belated congrats to Tisha and Matt on their new apartment in Michigan, and to Sarah on the new apartment in Detroit!

Can't wait to see the Indians this Saturday - Go Tribe!

Picture 1
Picture 2
Ever have one of those days?

Not too much has been happening lately, thank goodness! I've been able to get the apartment in order and cleaned (*gasp!*). Now I get to have my car fixed - new muffler time. Oh boy! The wedding plans continue, we are now looking for florists, photographers, and DJ's. If anyone reading this has referrals, please e-mail me at the address below. Thanks!

Just about got the hall reserved for the wedding, Kelly has her dress already. My goodness. Added the pictures from Tetelestai, I will try to add some more soon, as time and availability allow. Congratulations to Wayne as he moved into his new apartment this weekend, and to Adrian and Shelly as they move into their new house next weekend.

Wheee! Got back last night, spent some time with my sweetie, spent time with the cats, filled out my taxes (oops!) and skipped on the sleep thing again. Cool!

Well, off to West Virginia for another couple days. Work is fun that way.

Well, the big news is out - I am engaged to be married to Kelly Presby, from Mansfield, Ohio. We've been in Tetelestai together for 6 years now and have been dating for the last year. I proposed to her on April 10, 1999 and she accepted. (Whew!) The date for the wedding (so far) is July 1, 2000 at 1 PM at Resurrection Parish in Mansfield. For any friends or relatives looking here, hope to hear from you via e-mail or phone!

As far as the website goes, I am working on refreshing the main area as I feel the design needs work and renovation. This update is a start, since so many relatives I know are getting on the Internet and this is a great way to get news out to them. I am considering investigating frames(shudder), we'll see how that works out. The Tetelestai site needs a lot of work, I know, and hopefully I can get working on that as well.