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Da Hizouse

Well, this is the house I bought, moved in on November 5th. It is a swell place! There are 3 bedrooms, 1.5 bathrooms, living room, kitchen, and family room. The basement is 1/2 finished rec room, and 1/2 laundry room/storage area. There is a two-car garage and a nice little yard. To see the pictures of the place, click on the links below!
(Note: Oops! Forgot to get a shot of the second bedroom! Doh!)

The Basement

The rec room w/bar
The rec room (other side)

The First Floor

The Kitchen
The Dining Area
The Family Room
The Family Room (other angle)
The Bathroom
The Master Bedroom
The Master Bedroom (other angle)
The Living Room
The Living Room (take two)
The Living Room (better shot)
Kelly and Julie's Video Tour

The Second Floor

The Upstairs Hallway/Bedroom
The Upstairs Bedroom