I'm back!!!

I bet you thought that I'd never fix my home page. Close enough. I have become the unofficial home for my group's senior project info. So, if you happen to care, this is the place to look for our senior project stuff.


Just click on the tool picture above for some really informative tool links and info. If you have any cool tool stuff to contribute, feel free to send email to me.

££ £££££

A friend of mine just figured out how to get a pound sign to appear in html without using every digit on his left hand. Or so he thinks. It would be pretty cool if everyone who read this sent email to Jude congratulating him.

As soon as I find the time there will be a feature telling you what today's homepage was brought to you by (e.g. "the letter E and the number 9").

In the meantime, here are some cool Tick Quotes

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