Mail About Prozac

This is a sample of some of the odd mail we receive on this machine. I would like to take this time to point out that the only connection this site has to Prozac is the name. No one who uses the machine takes Prozac (as far a I know) or knows anything interesting about it.

prozac usage

I was wondering if you might know where I could find statistics on the use of
prozac pertaining to how many use it?  Stats on how many in certain U.S.
cities? and age groups etc.

fyi boston herald sep. 5,1995

it has been reported from the latest edition of "new 
scientist" that 5 % of the people that take prozac can 
experience orgasm just by yawning. 


Hi, my name's [NAME REMOVED].  i'm doing a Prozac film, lookin' for people to
be interviewed, would you list my site????? i'd really love ya for it.  if
so, if at all, if possible, thanks too much, [NAME REMOVED].-- you can email
me me thru my roommate [NAME REMOVED] address... [HREF REMOVED] p.s any
interest yerself???

Prozac withdrwal

Is there any information about withdrawal symptoms with Prozac?

(no subject)

Jude, I have some serious questions that I am trying to awnser
concerning Prozac.  I can not tell you how depressed I became
when I accessed your page and found that you had used the
word I was researching as a title with no relativity.,