Pay Homage to the Great Trowel

I don't know Trowel personally, but I know someone who does!

Kelly's Homepage...Still Under Serious Construction

Yeah, go ahead and groan. Someone actually is allowing me to have a webpage. But hey, we're on Prozac so everybody's happy.

Be sure to check back in the weeks to come for the long-anticipated pre-release updated version of Scissors Rock Paper, including the deathly Gun, the terrifying Bomb, and the madness inducing Thermonuclear Device.

Higher lifeforms have moved into the apartment I share with my roommate in Houston (no, I'm not refering to the abnormally huge roaches that seem to be everywhere). First off, there were two of these furry deities controlling our lives, but even they know that it is easier to conquer with armies, so now there's five little furbats (more commonly known by the word "ferrets" in the human language). They ask that we not use such demeaning terms when we refer to them, though, so we are forced to call them "furry rulers of the raisin state."

Our Ferrets:

  • Reverend Maynard: his name is deceptive. He's got to be the most irreverant creature I've ever met.
  • Edie: She's getting older, but that is just an excuse to exploit her human slaves.
  • Cosette: She's deaf. We've had to create our own form of sign language to accommodate her. Sometimes she even pays attention.
  • Static: Not nearly as sedate as her name implies. She knows how to trick us into believing she's sweet and innocent, while in the meantime she's biting our toes.
  • Magkij znak (Mee-yak-i-znak): He sounds a bit like Darth Vader with asthma, but boy is he a holy terror!

    Links to the furry slave masters (ferrets)...

  • Ferret Cam!!
  • Ferret World
  • Sho's Ferret page with some cool ferret comics, last I checked.

    A link to a great band--> (Not for the faint-hearted) TooL.

    Books that may explain why I am the way I am (yikes!) In other words, they're "must reads."

  • Stephen Donaldson especially the Thomas Covenant series and the Mordant's Need books.
  • Dostoevsky's Crime and Punishment. The whole book for your reading pleasure.
  • A Crime and Punishment synopsis, or "cliff notes" for all you cheaters out there.
  • David Foster Wallace's Broom of the System

    Speaking of Wallace...

    Gromit goes here.

    have you ever seen the claymation Wallace and Gromit cartoons? In the words of Wallace, the great claymation sage himself, "Let's go somewhere where there's cheese!"

    Other cool people on Prozac

  • Kathryn Kohne, my roommate.
  • and Jude, responsible for my presence here...

    Thanks to Jude and Wes for allowing me to put my webpage on Prozac

  • Send me mail or, you can send mail to the great Trowel, but I can't guarantee he'll get it...